The Best Medical service in Korea G-Clinic

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The Best Medical service in Korea G-Clinic

서브비주얼 이미지

The Best Medical service in Korea G-Clinic


About PICES (Acne skin solution)

The whole process of PICES is not only one treatment in a day, which treats skin condition and is a unique treatment program.
It overcomes the limitations of overall skin tone and skin texture improvements and existing acne treatments,
It helps the fundamental treatment of problematic skin such as acne, acne scarcer, pore reduction, etc.

  • Restrict on
    development of
    serious Acne

  • Pore reduction
    and skin

  • Regenerate skin
    and skin texture

  • Total program
    of treatment

What PICES Program

  • PDRN

    PDRN promotes the growth of tissue cells in the body and promotes the release of the materials that make up the tissue. In particular, the production of collagen and non-cholagenic proteins is promoted in a balanced manner to regenerate damaged tissues into normal tissues. The basic ingredients of salmon's DNA are almost identical to humans, so it can be replenished immediately. Minimize side effects and use them safely when administered in the body.

    • Excellent skin regeneration
    • Less down-time
    • Less side-efffect
  • CROS

    • Restoring acne scars by exfoliating them
    • Excellent skin regeneration
    • suppress pimples and sebum
  • E2 Injection

    e2 are injected directly into the dermal layer of hyaluronic acid, which is about 200 to 300 times the moisture of our body. The treatment method that produces moisturized, glossy water skin is excellent for improving skin elasticity and fine wrinkles as well as skin whitening and skin tone. Unlike regular water photon injections, G-clinic is the first in Korea to supply moisture to the entire skin by combining water phototherapy and laser treatment, as well as reducing pores and whitening effects. It also solves various skin problems.


    Infini laser is stimulated by high frequency because microscopic microchips penetrate the skin. This is a new concept of skin treatment that induces the regeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermal layer. Unlike conventional laser procedures, it does not damage the skin at all, resulting in faster post-treatment recovery.


    The main purpose is to soothe sensitive skin after laser by cooling. The remaining solution after the pialpy e2 injection is electronically transmitted to the pothole created by the infinitesimal. Let it penetrate the skin one more time.

PICES Program Process

  • STEP 01
  • STEP 02
  • STEP 03
    PDRN Injection
  • STEP 04
  • STEP 05
  • STEP 06
  • STEP 07

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