The Best Medical service in Korea G-Clinic

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The Best Medical service in Korea G-Clinic

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The Best Medical service in Korea G-Clinic


About Skin-laser (whitening)

The desire to restore luminosity, youth and tightness to the skin is on the rise everywhere, increasing in practically every part of the world. The high power laser is able to achieve these results, thanks to a light procedure which allows thermal dermal damageto be controlled, leading to subsequent collagen remodeling while preserving the epidermis. Skin whitening with the laser destroysthe melanin in the skin, which leads to a whitening of the skin and no tanning occurring even after sun exposure.

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    Brightening effect will show after 8~20 sessions of Glutathione injection depending on skin type and life style.

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    Glutathione injection cannot 'change the color' of the skin but only can 'brighten' the skin a bit with the several sessions and also with the lifetime maintenance. Patient can have maximum 2 sessions in a week.

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    Middle Asian, African black skin patients need more sessions to get brigetening effect, must have a consultation with Dermatologist.

Every person has different skin type

laser skin type laser skin type laser skin type
  • IPL

    • 420 ~ 800 mm of waves from 8 type of lasers
    • Multiple lasers helps tension of skin
    • For Freckles, Age spot, Melasmas
  • E - Toning

    • Lower generating capacity energy of laser
    • Less pain, lower damaged for skin
    • Short recovery ( 5~ 7 days )
  • LaserToning

    • Regualar energy released for balance
    • Passing through deep in the skin
    • Recovery ( 7 ~ 10 days )
  • accento

    • Mixed double type of waves of energy, 755nm, 1064nm
    • SCD cooling system
    • Protection system from PIH, Burned

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It was amazing Acne Recovery for me !

Brooke from the USA came to G Clinic Korea several months back, looking for relief from the acne on her back and arms that had plagued her for years. Because many of the scars had existed for over a decade and because of constant picking, they were deep pitted and impossible to address with traditional over-the-counter treatment. Over the course of the last few months, the finely trained doctors at G Clinic Korea have employed a variety of treatments to not only address her constant acne, but also help with the scaring and discoloration!