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  • 지힐링스퀘어

Specialities of service for Foreigners

  • Professionally trained medical team in practice since 2009.
  • English consultation is available direct with the doctors not through an interpreter.​​
  • Winner of 2016, 2017, 2018 Whatclinic.com customer service award
  • Chairs the President of Korean Academy of Obesity & Aesthetic Treatment (KAOT)
  • Publication of Korean version of textbook "Body shaping - Skin.Fat.Cellulite (2016)"
  • Se habla Español

People who got at G clinic



Facelift (Non-surgical)

Recently Ellen from Australia stopped in to see Dr. Hong at G Clinic Healing Square. The doctor made the recommendation of thread lifting and Ulthera treatment. Elen was visually stunned to see the results that only got better over the next few months!

Body Shaping


Michelle from the USA is a mother of 3 and devoted military wife to an Army sergeant in South Korea. She came to Dr. Hong for help after recently weight loss left her with saggy arms. more..


Skin laser

Brooke from the USA came to G Clinic Korea several months back, looking for relief from the acne on her back and arms that had plagued her for years. Because many of the scars had existed for over a decade and because of constant picking, they were deep pitted and impossible to address with traditional over-the-counter treatment. Over the course of the last few months, the finely trained doctors at G Clinic Korea have employed a variety of treatments to not only address her constant acne, but also help with the scaring and discoloration!